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Hypnosis Practitioner Training & Certification Course

The Hypnosis Practitioner Training & Certification Course, offered by Trevour Strudwick of The Insight Studio, was an extremely comprehensive course which exceeded my expectations. The course was very well organized including a very full curriculum, in class practical participation, as well as a full written program to facilitate studying and for reference in the future. I applaud Trevour’s ability to teach and to bring the subject matter forward in a dynamic format, providing the perfect b...

Weight Loss

Our group hypnosis sessions have worked wonders for me. Not only have I lost 15 pounds in 5 ½ weeks but I have not had any particular food cravings nor do I feel like I am on a diet! I am exercising every day and I don’t have to ‘force’ myself to do so. I am enjoying making better food choices for myself and I have a positive outlook towards preserving my good health for the future.

Our hypnosis sessions have not only helped me to lose weight but they have made me reflect on pas...

Smoke Free!

A little over a year ago I saw Trevour to help me stop smoking. I had been a pack a day smoker for over 30 years and had tried stopping many times to no avail. However after only one session with Trevour I was surprised how easy it was to not light up. One year later I am happy to say I still haven’t and have no desire to ever smoke again.

Thank you Trevour.

James Clark

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