What is NLP

NLP is the study of subjective experience. We do not respond to reality; we respond to our beliefs about reality. NLP helps you not only make changes to your own subjective responses but provides deeper insight into the subjective realities held by others enabling you to communicate and influence much more effectively.

NLP is the study of excellence. By modeling and studying the thoughts and behaviours of high achievers, we too can exceed our own expectations and skyrocket our success.

NLP is the ‘User manual for the mind’. Let’s face it – we are not taught how to think! We are taught to memorize facts, and if we are lucky, how to use logic. But for most people, thought is just something that happens all by itself in a chaotic, random, undisciplined way. NLP helps you get control of the way the mind works and use it more purposefully using well established techniques, so that negative and limiting thoughts, memories and beliefs stop sabotaging your efforts.

NLP is an advanced communication strategy, that when mastered can render the persuasive abilities of the practitioner virtually irresistible.