Moderating Alcohol IS Successful Recovery – Trevour Strudwick CH, MNLP

ClarityPeople who feel they need help when it comes to problem drinking seem to have a diversity of choices for recovery. But do they really? When it comes down to it, there are generally 3 options – 12 Step groups, in-patient treatment or out-patient treatment. All of which tout the same old line ‘have one drink – and you fail’. But there are some very interesting facts regarding alcohol and recovery that most people are not aware of.

A.A. is only effective in about 5% of cases – despite the fact that it boasts of being the most successful means of getting and staying sober. In-patient and out-patient treatments over all report that 33% remain abstinent 2 years after treatment, 33% see no difference or actually increase their alcohol consumption and another 33% learn to moderate their drinking.

As a hypnotist, I know how powerful repetition and suggestion are in forming subconscious beliefs and it seems that constantly asserting that one is an alcoholic and that they are powerless is not the best way to go about creating self-esteem, or personal empowerment! Not to mention the Sword of Damocles – ‘relapse is a part of recovery’ or ‘hitting rock bottom’ – suggestions that are sure to set you up for failure. And if you are unsuccessful in medically supervised treatment, then it’s anyone’s guess what they’ll put on your permanent record.

The fact is that people who have had alcohol as a part of their lives rarely want to stop drinking completely. The thought of empty beer bottlenever having another drink at a party or with dinner brings about tremendous feelings of grief, loss, anger, guilt, etc.? Why? Because they are in a relationship with alcohol! Think about it – what if you were told you could never see your beloved again, or your most cherished family member? So it is with everyday people who find they drink too much – as distinct from clinically diagnosed alcoholics. It is something that gives them pleasure. Telling them they can never drink again is like a prison sentence of life-long gloom and misery and a never ending period of grief and mourning.

What most people want is to learn to control their drinking which traditional methods of treatment usually say is just not possible. And true…there are 33% of people who may not be able to use alcohol moderately. However, it is now recognized that the 33% who do learn moderation are successful. So moderation is a successful strategy for recovery.

Enter alternative practitioners! By now most people know that hypnosis is the number one method for Stopping Smoking, Losing Weight and Reducing Stress, and is now gaining recognition for helping people modify their alcohol consumption. Using a combination of Hypnosis, NLP, EFT and Life Coaching techniques at The INSIGHT Studio, people can rapidly reframe their relationship with alcohol and learn to drink within reasonable boundaries. No need to hit rock bottom. No need to feel like a failure for doing something that makes you happy. No need to confess all your sins to a group of doctors or strangers in a church basement or sterile clinic.

My experience is that the complete and utter relief that people feel by acknowledging their key coping strategy and giving them profound transformational tools to use to gain full control – not only over alcohol – but their lives in general, is one of the most liberating and rewarding experiences you could have. And what’s more exciting is that using these alternative methods, your chances of success sky-rocket from 33% to over 88%.  Now wouldn’t YOU rather feel powerful instead of powerless?

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Trevour Strudwick - Sobriety CoachTrevour Strudwick, CEO of The INSIGHT Studio is a certified Life Coach, Consulting Hypnotist, Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Master NLP Practitioner, Advanced EFT Practitioner, Law of Attraction Practitioner and has been a Reiki Master since 2000.