What you can expect

Where diets fail, Hypnosis succeeds. Hypnosis won’t tell you what and what not to eat…that doesn’t work. Instead it will help you alter your eating habits, crave healthy foods, improve the way you feel about yourself and inspire you to exercise more. Safely, simply, naturally and effectively. You will be thrilled with how easy achieving and maintaining your ideal weight can be using Hypnosis. And more than that…Hypnosis will also help you to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and develop a more positive attitude as a happy side effect of simply taking the time to relax deeply on a regular basis.

Weight Reduction is a 6 week program but studies. Experience shows that clients continue to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle long after they finish the program. Obviously if someone needs to lose 100lbs or more they will benefit from ongoing coaching and support but this is on a client-by-client basis. A program consists of 6 key sessions:

Portion Control      Exercise Motivation     Increase Metabolism

Creating a New Self-Image     Making Healthy Choices

Weight Loss Motivation

Other specific sessions can be added or replaced to suit particular triggers including Stress Eating, Crave Healthy Foods, Sugar Cravings, Salty Cravings.

You can make it happen!