Personal Development is the heart and soul of my practice at The INSIGHT Studio. At a time where we are constantly distracted by possessions and electronic devices, more and more people are becoming alienated from themselves and others. Things like core values, purpose and happiness take a back seat to demands of work, family and endless distractions.

We are not taught how to access our full potential in life. We are conditioned at a very early age to learn things of necessity so that we will grow up to be productive members of society with little regard to our unique preferences and aptitudes.

The programs are specifically designed to address the way we think and feel about ourselves relative to the other areas of life. Areas like Self-Esteem, Depression, Procrastination, Insecurity in Relationships, Anger Management, Success, Negative Thinking, Perfectionism and more.

When you work to develop yourself personally and live in accordance with your passions and values, you naturally feel more connected to those around you. A sense of purpose and contentment begins to shine through and you begin to lead a happier more productive life; no longer as vulnerable to the various daily stressors, disappointments, irritations and setbacks that previously used to send you into a tailspin.

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