Are you having trouble meeting those deadlines? Feeling overwhelmed and disorganized at work? Are certain of your customers or colleagues ‘driving you crazy’? How about exceeding your sales targets and becoming a top performer? Occupational Hypnosis can address each of these areas and more. It is a safe and effective way to de-stress, improve your focus and concentration, improve your business relationships, stop procrastinating and drive your business forward…and this is just the tip of the ice-burg of the many ways that Hypnosis can be of benefit in the workplace.

The field of Hypnosis is currently where Chiropractic’s and Therapeutic massage were in the 80’s- an emerging field which offers numerous benefits across a broad variety of areas albeit one which has not yet reached the ear of the general public who may still associate hypnosis with night-club entertainment or with the way it is sensationalized on TV.

Hypnosis makes use of brain wave states that occur naturally throughout the day. As you read this article in a waking state your brain waves are operating at what is called a Beta state, meaning they can be measured at a relatively rapid rate. Just below the Beta state is the Alpha state where brain waves are measured as being somewhat slower and longer. This is a state of mind that you drift in and out of throughout the day when absorbed in a good book, daydreaming, ‘veging’ in front of the TV, or when you go on a long drive in the car. Alpha is accessed by a state of deep relaxation and of focus –two main requisites of Hypnotic.

In the Alpha state people are up to 200x more suggestible than they are in their regular waking state. In this state of mind positive suggestions, metaphors and solutions may be presented directly to the unconscious part of the mind which influences everything about our daily life from our heartbeat, to our personalities and the way we perform in our business and personal lives. The Alpha state is one of ‘optimal learning’.

Behaviouralists estimate that as much as 95% of all human behaviour is habitual! People tend to revert to an ‘automatic’ way of doing and being which was learned at some point as a successful way to manage different situations – very much like a computer application programmed to perform a specific function. While some behaviours are useful, others may actually begin to work against us as our circumstances, values and priorities change through life.

When this happens, people can feel ‘stuck’ in patterns that are holding them back. Just as computer softwares and systems need regular updates and improvements in order to operate at maximum efficiency, the same is true about our beliefs and values which inform our productivity and effectiveness in business-life and in the workplace and Hypnosis is an EXCELLENT way to accomplish this. As Henry Ford once said “If you believe you can, or you can’t – you’re right!”

There are a large variety of Hypnosis sessions geared toward helping entrepreneurs and people in the workplace break free from their rut and access their true potential. Stress Management, Self-Confidence, Dealing with Difficult People, Sales Skills, Making Decisions, Presentation Skills, Time-Management and Procrastination, Team-Building, and the list goes on and on.

In addition to specific skills for the workplace, Hypnosis can benefit people from all walks of life on a more personal level. For instance, Power-Lunch Hypnosis can help people Stop Smoking, Lose Weight or Manage Stress. Unlike massage, it is possible to work with several people in hypnosis at the same time. Power-Lunch Hypnosis can be accomplished in as little as ½ hour, once a week for a little as 4 weeks.

Top performers from the world of athletics, to the arts; top financial advisers and CEO’s of multi-billion dollar corporations all say the same thing – ‘success is mental’. If you’re thinking is focused on worry, negativity, fear etc. you are literally throwing up roadblocks to your success. Fortunately, Hypnosis can help you overcome this negative mindset almost effortlessly allowing you to seize opportunities when they arise and achieve your own unique goals with a sense of ease and confidence.

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