Hypnosis is facilitated by the use of guided trance procedures and the presentation of positive suggestions for change and transformation.

Although largely misunderstood and sometimes even feared or dismissed, the field of Hypnosis is currently where therapeutic massage and chiropractics were in the 1980’s. Which means that people know hypnosis is helpful for some situations, but most people are largely unaware of the massive and profound benefits available to them using hypnosis, or just how fast, safe and effective it is.

Trance states are produced by known methods of progressively guided relaxation and/or verbal patterns intended to ‘confuse’ the logical mind and speak directly to the subconscious personality of the client. Suggestions for positive change and growth are presented in a number of ways:


Direct Suggestion – This is stating actively and clearly the reason for the session. i.e. “You are now reducing your weight by X-lbs. each week”, “You no longer crave junk food”, and “You will naturally avoid people and situations that cause you to drink alcohol.”

Indirect Suggestion – This is using a more persuasive strategy that is highly effective in people who want to change but carry subconscious resistance to change based on limiting belief systems and self-sabotage.

Metaphor – The language of the subconscious is one of pictures and of images. By the age old practice of telling stories for teaching, one is able to by-pass the critical functions of the mind and provide imagery and suggestions that parallel the success clients wish to achieve. For instance – stories about race cars and horses can be powerful metaphors about moving ahead in life with focus and determination.