Brick Wall with skyProcrastination has very little to do with being lazy. In fact, it’s a response to anxiety. Procrastinators are rarely doing ‘nothing’, it’s just that ‘something else’ always seems to come up. It is a never ending loop of displacement activities.

Chronic procrastination can lead to depression and anxiety and leave one feeling deeply unfulfilled as so many good ideas and best intentions remain undeveloped and incomplete.

This 10 week Life Coaching Program will have you enjoying your productivity in record time and covers areas such as Overcoming Self-Sabotage, Fear of Success and Fear of Failure – limiting self-beliefs that underly the pattern of procrastination.

You will Develop Self-Discipline, Determination and the Desire to Succeed propelling you through that Procrastination Barrier to Develop Focus & Concentration, Get Organized and Finish What you Start.

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