Alcohol Moderation

You don’t want to quit. You just want more control!

This program will give you that. The abstinence model for managing heavy drinking is outdated and proven to be the least successful method of recovery.

  • Studies have shown that A.A. is only successful about 5% of the time – even though it is widely claimed as ‘the most successful method for stopping drinking. Some studies indicate that A.A. actually makes problem drinking worse more often than not
  • Inpatient and other conventional treatments for problem drinking have an overall success rate of 66% across the board – based on the abstinence model
    • 33% of heavy drinkers learn to moderate their drinking which is now considered a SUCCESSFUL form of recovery
    • 33% of people who have received treatment for problem drinking continue to drink excessively and in many cases, even more than they did before treatment
    • 33% of people who ‘recover’ from problem drinking remain abstinent for 2 or more years
  • 90% of people who use this are able to cut back or stop drinking completely in just 4 weeks

Once again when you compare the regular cost of this program to other options, The Alcohol Moderation Program come out on top in terms of value and results.  Read more…

Cost savings are available for groups of 2 or more.

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