Breaking the Procrastination Barrier


Now available one-on-one over Skype! Beating procrastination has never been more convenient!

This ground breaking program will forever change the way you look at all those things you have been putting off doing in the workplace and at home.

When hearing the word ‘procrastination’ people generally give one of 2 responses: They tend to smile and giggle and start making jokes, or they admit shamefully that procrastination is a problem in their lives and in business. Of course there is a fortunate minority for whom procrastination is not an issue, and these are the people that procrastinators admire as ‘go-getters’, ‘powerhouses’ and ‘success stories’.

The real problem with procrastination is that it is the biggest obstacle for achieving the desired level of  success that we all want so much! People are largely unaware just how pervasive and self-destructive procrastinating behaviours are, let alone what to do about it. Because it is often laughed off and not really understood, procrastination can actually be a heartbreaking pattern of behaviour which robs people of the joy and success they so desperately crave and deserve.

This unique seminar addresses all the different areas which form the pattern of procrastination.

You will learn:

  • All about your procrastination ‘style’. Yes! People procrastinate for a number of different reasons and in a number of different ways. Learning the different ways that procrastination unfolds in your life is the first step towards getting control of the behaviour
  • How procrastination actually has more to do with distraction and displacement than it does laziness – procrastinators rarely do nothing, they are simply busy doing something else
  • The secrets of effective goal setting
  • How to turn your ‘to-do’ list into a ‘TA-DA’ list
  • Time Management
  • Why making time for yourself is so important
  • The link between self-sabotage, fear of success, fear of failure, low self-esteem and procrastination – AND how to change it safely and effectively
  • Identifying, eliminating or minimizing those things in your life that have been sapping your time and energy
  • How habitual thinking is actually what starts the pattern of procrastination

More than just another PowerPoint presentation, what sets this seminar apart is that you will actually learn how to use Self-Hypnosis,  and Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) to assist in making changes on a subconscious level where the pattern of procrastination actually resides! You will be surprised by how fast and effective these techniques are in helping get on with your life and complete all those projects that have been piling up around you.

How many workshops, seminars, motivational speakers, etc. have you been to where you felt the initial sense of motivation, left the room feeling inspired and determined to bring this new resolve into your future, only to find that within a week or two, inspiration has worn off and you’re stuck in the same old rut? This is because almost every seminar out there that is tailored to the needs of business takes the same approach: They all present information and techniques to the conscious, waking part of your personality without taking into account that part of you which is actually driving the ship!

Participants will not only benefit from the traditional methods of presentation providing much information, entertainment and INSIGHT into the patterns of procrastination, but they will actually have the opportunity to make important changes at a sub-conscious level and start changing the pattern, right there in the conference room.

In addition, each participant will be given a members registration code where they can go and download hundreds of dollars worth of Self-Hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming recordings to listen to in the comfort and leisure of their home or office to address all the different elements of the procrastination pattern once and for all.

Deep Mind Recordings include:

  • Breaking the Procrastination Barrier
  • Complete those Projects
  • Stop Self-Sabotage
  • Conquer your Fear of Failure
  • Conquer your Fear of Success
  • Reach your Goals
  • Laser Focus & Concentration
  • Get Organized

4 week coaching class in person or via Skype

$499+13% tax ($64.87)

Total with Harmonized Sales Tax: $563.87