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Moderating Alcohol IS Successful Recovery – Trevour Strudwick CH, MNLP (7/14/2020) - People who feel they need help when it comes to problem drinking seem to have a diversity of choices for recovery. But do they really? When it comes down to it, there are generally 3 options – 12 Step groups, in-patient treatment or out-patient treatment. All of which tout the same old line ‘have one […]
“I Went to a Hypnotist and it didn’t work…” (6/13/2020) - By Trevour Strudwick CH, MNLP. As a Hypnotist, feedback is of the utmost importance. I need to know what works, what doesn’t work and why. I pride myself on being pragmatic and realistic with my clients about what they can expect. What’s more, almost all my programs are woven together with Life Coaching strategies, goal […]
The Truth About Cravings (5/20/2020) - By Trevour Strudwick CH, MNLP As a Consulting Hypnotist with over 34 years’ experience and having worked with hundreds of people on a number of different substance related issues such as smoking, weight loss and alcohol moderation, I think I’ve finally come to understand the cause of the problem and what the real enemy is. […]