Alcohol Moderation – Week 2

2nd Session – Emotional Freedom Techniques

  • The Week in Review
  • Learn to use EFT to clear emotional issues such as guilt, anger, fear, worry, forgiveness etc. This incredible technique does away with the need for long discussions about one’s feelings and ‘past sins’ practiced in other programs. Using EFT regularly will help you clear out the negative energetic and emotional blockages that have been causing you to drink in the first place bringing deep emotional relief and healing. Clients are consistently blown away by how how quickly EFT works for them.

Week 2 

Self-Hypnosis Sessions

  • The 2 Doors – From Week 1
  • The 6 Step Reframe – This simple process is widely hailed as the single most important step in gaining control over alcohol because it helps you to resolve inner conflicts. Based on Parts Integration Theory it works from the premise that a part of you wants to drink because alcohol is fulfilling a very important need. In a state of light trance, a dialogue is set up that allows you to discover other ways that this need can be fulfilled without alcohol. An agreement is made with that part and from then on, living a life of Moderation is practically effortless *This session takes place in session. A recording is not provided.*
  • Stay Off Alcohol – Set’s up a powerful aversion to the problems and consequences associated with alcohol
  • Dealing with the Inner Critic – People with alcohol problems tend to be incredibly hard on themselves and others. This Session helps you stand up to those nasty inner voices and teaches you to be more loving of yourself and others

 Neuro-Linguistic Programming

  • Timeline to the Past
  • Timeline to the Future

Life-Balance Exercises

  • Personal History – Getting clear on the people and circumstances in your life that have caused you to drink
  • Discovering and Identifying Your Values – Our personal Values are those things in life that matter most to us. Unfortunately – alcohol often prevents us from having or becoming what we truly want and desire in life. This important exercise will help you connect with the things that are most important to you in life and give you a clear sense of direction regarding where you want to be
  • Where I want to spend my time – Active planning of time to make you more efficient, focused and directed

Emotional Freedom Techniques

From now on, EFT will become an integral part of the program. Using EFT, you will be able to clear any number of negative emotions, guilt or memories that may have been causing you to drink in the first place.

  • Begin the Personal Peace Procedure – A systematic method for clearing the energetic and emotional blockages at every stage of your life
  • Personal Tapping – Using your EFT manual you can ‘Tap’ on specific issues confronting you in your day to day life.