PendulumTrevour Strudwick, CEO, of The INSIGHT Studio, has been studying, practicing and teaching personal development techniques for the last 28 years.

Since 1986 he has created and facilitated countless numbers of classes and seminars through the Ottawa Board of Education, the Learning Annex and The Canadian Career Academy as well as several private organizations. He has helped over 2,000 people gain confidence and develop skills in a variety of areas in their personal and professional lives.

As a seasoned 4 Star Hotel Restaurant Manager, Retail Sales Manager, Independent Paralegal Agent specializing in employment issues, and having worked for a term in Career Counseling, Trevour is uniquely qualified and equipped to offer real assistance and INSIGHT when it comes to overcoming personal and professional challenges.

He brings to the table a full-array of  the ‘hard-skills’ needed to drive the bottom line.

The corporate seminars he offers are innovative and entertaining designed to address the underlying issues which make the difference between success or failure in business including Breaking the Procrastination Barrier, Occupational Hypnosis and the Workplace, The Secret Keys of Customer Service, Dealing with THAT Person and more.

Trevour is fully certified in the following areas: Life Coach, Advanced Hypnosis, Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitation, Master NLP  Practitioner and Advanced EFT Practitioner.